• AAFC Auditing and Valuation Company Limited


    General introduction

    AAFC Auditing and Valuation Company Limited was established under the business license number 0102029718 dated 23 January 2007 and the business registration certificate and tax registration certificate No. 0102147315 dated 23 May 2014 of the Department of Planning and Hanoi Investment. AAFC is one of the largest companies in the country with auditors, appraisers and collaborators in the fields of auditing, accounting, valuation and financial consulting.


    Address: 5th Floor - IC Building - No. 82 Duy Tan Street - Dich Vong Hau Ward - Cau Giay District - Hanoi
    Phone: 043 7730 780 - 043 7730 781
    Fax: 043 7730 779
    Account: 0011001935342 at SGD Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam
    Account: 1502201033068 at Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam - Hoan Kiem Branch
    Tax code: 0102147315


    From a customer's point of view, our goal is to provide professional services and reliable information to help customers make management, financial and economic decisions. an effective way. Moreover, with the practical experience with the specialty, close to customers, dedicated, professional knowledge, we understand the requirements, difficulties encountered by customers when conducting business in Vietnam. Male. Based on this, we will assist our clients in resolving issues that are not available to any specialized service organization.


    In order to operate successfully and effectively, we always attach great importance to staff's level and experience. At present, AAFC has a team of staff, auditors and price appraisers who are trained in the university. The University of Finance, Banking, Accounting, Auditing and Valuation in the country and abroad, many of which are auditors are granted state-level auditors and appraisers. ACCA and many associates including professors, doctors, industry experts with extensive experience and expertise will surely meet the highest requirements of our clients.


    In order to ensure the best quality of services, each of our activities respects the principle of independence, honesty, objectivity and confidentiality, complies with the regulations of the State of Vietnam, standards Vietnamese auditing standards issued by the State as well as generally accepted international auditing standards. Besides, we are always aware of putting legitimate interests of customers on the top.


    Due to the quality of services provided by its members, AAFC now has many clients operating in all sectors of the economy including foreign invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises, Economic delegations at home and abroad.

    Contributing to the overall development of the country and committed to ensuring the quality of services provided to each customer, AAFC is always a companion, always sharing their experiences with customers and the success of Customers are always striving our target.

    With our professional level and experience, we always try our best to provide professional services in Vietnam and meet the highest demands of customers.